Microsoft conducted Anti-Piracy raids in Madurai in 2006. Most of the Madurai based CAMS (Computer And Media Society) Association members were affected due that activity. CAMS requested help from neighboring associations like Tirunelveli (Tirunelveli, Tuticorin & Kanyakumari), Trichy (ACTT), Coimbatore (CITA) to close down the shutters of all shops of members. CAMS closed down their shutters from 9th November 2006 to 11th November 2006. Supporting CAMS, Tirunelveli (Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin) & Trichy Assciations shut down their shops. Then CAMS invited all associations for a formal meeting at Madurai.

   Due to Microsoft's anti piracy raids at Madurai, we CAMS requested help from neighboring associations like Tiruvelveli (CDAT), Trichy (ACTT), Coimbatore (CITA) to close down the shutters of all shops of members (we closed down our shutters from 09-Nov-2006 to 11-Nov-2006). Supporting us Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kanniyakumari & Trichy Associations shut down their shops and we invited all associations for a formal meeting at Madurai @ GRT Regency on 25-Nov-2006.

   Since we were new office bearers, our Associations past president Mr.Senthilnathan took all the initiatives and brought together the Coimbatore, Erode, Karaikudi, Kumbakonam, Salem, Sivakasi, Tirunelveli (Kanyakumari, Tuticorin), Trichy & Virudhunagar to very first successful meeting in which a historical decision was taken that we need to unite all associations in one umbrella. It was also decided to finalise the name for the uniting, the office bearers etc in the next meeting which was scheduled at Coimbatore. Our President Mr.Selvasekaran took active part in co-ordinating all the associations.

   Registration was done at Pondicherry notable effort was put in by Mr.Muralidharan Nair, Bank account was opened at Coimbatore.

   Mr.Karthikeyan, first president of Confed-ITA conceived an gave birth to the "SUMMIT" @ Ooty which was another mile stone. Mr.Senthil and his team of Ooty association took very active part in organising the event.

   We had our 3rd meeting at Trichy on 11-Feb-2007 and Mr.Kuberan & his team played a vital role in accelerating TANITA still further.

   The next meeting was held at Coimbatore on 10-Dec-2006. At Coimbatore meeting we named the "Associations Association" as "TANITA" in which few more associations also took part. We drafted some bye-laws like 3 person per Associations to be part TANITA etc., Letter was sent to Microsoft on the problems faced by our community.

   The 4th meeting was held at Pondicherry on 14-Apr-2007 in which Pondicherry Association joined. Still such time we were focusing on uniting associations in Tamil Nadu excluding Chennai. At Pondicherry we felt the need for all India level association. Since the name "TANITA" was (Tamil Nadu Information Technology Traders Association) more sounding as Tamil Nadu association, it was then RENAMED AS Confed-ITA (Confederation of Information Technology Associations). After Pondicherry's joining we strengthened it still further. Office bearers were elected. Mr.Prasad's initiative of creating mail group was a milestone. Mr.P.N.Prasad's extensive travel made many other associations join Confed-ITA.